Hike Guatemala’s Active Volcano

Volcanoes from Guatemala: Fuego, Agua, and Acatenango (front). The lava is from Volcano Pacaya:

Couples who really like to live on the edge might want to take the most fearsome path up Volcan Pacaya, the most active volcano in Guatemala, which would be to climb straight up into its mouth. The less risky route would be to hike an hour around the sides of the volcano with the assistance of a certified guide. The entire expanse of Pacaya is covered in ash; some of it is black from a recent explosion in March 2014, and other areas are light gray from the eruption of 2010. Activities on the volcano include roasting marshmallows over lava smoke, shopping at the National Geographic award–winning Volcano Store (which supports the Guatemalan craftswomen whose homes were destroyed in the eruptions), and savoring the sliding descent while ankle-deep in ash.


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