Yunnan Province, China

Honghe Hani Terraces in Southwestern China, Yunnan Province, Yuanyang County. by Ma Liwen, courtesy of Qiu BaoXing:

Secret Village More than 10,000 feet above sea level, in the ancient heartland of Tibet’s Bon religion, 32 traditional farmhouses have been revamped into decadently rustic suites at Banyan Tree Ringha (doubles from $822). Guest quarters are decorated with vivid thangkas and woolen carpets in the rich rust and maroon hues that are a local trademark, and each has an open hearth for cold winter nights as its centerpiece. Private balconies offer breathtaking views of the Ringha River and distant snowcapped peaks. After a day’s trek in the wilderness, rejuvenate with a hot-stone treatment at the spa. A creative set has fled the urban grind of Beijing and Shanghai and is transforming the traditional mud-brick houses of the surrounding villages into galleries, inns, and cafés. For a bit of a culture shock in misty Shangri-la, you can sip a martini at the bohemian bar Raven in Shangrila Old Town.

Rob McKeown


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