The Crack | Sedona Arizona Cool Places To See:

Desert Escape In a break from typical Southwestern architecture, the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa takes its design inspiration from 11th-century Andalusia. The Moorish fantasy plays out in the pool area, with its 500-year-old Tunisian wrought-iron gates, and in the guest rooms, where Syrian chests and jewel-toned curtains make for a seductive contrast with the red-rock landscape. The property began an extensive expansion project in 2014 to add 32 new rooms and suites, as well as gardens and an outdoor venue. But it’s the great outdoors you’re here for: the high desert sky is Warner Bros. cartoon-blue, the air has a juniper-scented snap, and at sunset, every red rock seems to be lit from within. Get up early and hike to the Indian ruins at the end of Boynton Canyon. The trail is 2 1/2 miles each way and climbs 600 feet to a spine-tingling perch on a red rock overlook, so treat yourself to a reward at the spa when you return to the hotel.

—Kimberly Brown


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